Benefit Management

The annual renewal of your employee benefit plan is not a once-a-year task; it is a year-round strategic process. We are accountable for reviewing plan performance, utilization trends and employee satisfaction and wellness programs throughout the year. Monitoring your plan year round is the key to developing a quality employee benefit program. Your Account Manager will work with you throughout the year to make sure that your plan is performing as expected and to correct any deficiencies. Open enrollment requires a tight timeline. As such, we follow a preferred schedule of tasks that allows for an optimal open enrollment.

Our experienced underwriting team reviews and provides in-depth analysis of carrier utilization reports and market trends.  We will verify that rating information from the carrier is accurate and fair and will suggest alternative financial solutions such as plan adjustments or alternative funding arrangements. To maximize the program benefits and improve the use and effectiveness of the program, utilization information will also be reviewed by the team for potential modifications of the plan. This analysis allows for proper plan design as well as reducing premiums by eliminating benefits that are underutilized.

For mid-market employers, secure web-based benefit enrollment is available. Employers are able to process new hires, terminations, status changes and benefit elections. Updated information is tracked and communicated to the appropriate carriers and vendors electronically, reducing error ratios and improving turnaround time. Extensive employer reporting is available including standard or customized reports for payroll deductions, employee demographics, census data, and enrollment recaps. With billing reconciliation support, we can process, analyze, and resolve any billing issues that may arise from benefit programs before they become a problem.

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