LIS is your trusted benefit expert whose unique process provides value and success to companies and their employees in an evolving world of employee benefits.

Employee Benefits are increasingly complex and confusing and costs continue to rise at an unsustainable pace. Recent economic conditions and legislative changes have only increased the challenges HR and Finance departments face. Employers need the right strategic partner to help them manage both their long-term costs as well as the longer-term issues of employer sponsored program management, employee engagement and accountability, compliance, health and well-being.

Lincoln Insurance Services is the Bay Area’s premier boutique employee benefit & pension firm. We provide and assist over 400 businesses with their employee benefits. We believe we are the perfect size agency to partner with as agency size does not produce price leverage in our industry. We believe that hard work, visionary strategies and thorough execution produce extraordinary results. We are your advocate in bringing all possible creative ideas to the table and understand the challenges of increasing costs. Through efficiency and technology, our goal is to create additional time for your HR staff.

In addition, we provide a customer centric philosophy where we become an extension of your Human Resources department. We provide detailed analysis and plan design creation. We have a proactive disciplined renewal process that helps you to achieve your company’s objectives. LIS provides a unique team approach where you and your employees have multiple contacts that know your history and provide instantaneous back-up. Our staffing model is based on our client’s needs, not our revenue. We provide benchmarking data that helps support your need to design a competitive benefit package that will allow you to attract and retain your employees.

Our employee education, enrollment and support materials provide your employees with a comprehensive overview of your benefits. We believe that upfront education to employees about their benefits solves most of the misunderstanding about benefits. We do know that problems and questions occur, and we provide customer service and support to answer and solve benefit and claims issues. We provide the employees with a toll free number so that they can contact our employee benefit hotline with any questions. With a 95+% retention level, we know our clients believe we are providing the right services for them.
Lincoln Insurance Services
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