Workplace wellness programs come in all shapes and sizes. But regardless of plan design there are common components that set the successful programs apart from the rest.

At their core, workplace wellness programs require constant commitment and buy-in from management. The programs that get mediocre results are the ones that are left to run on autopilot after implementation.

LIS believes wellness programs should be made up of three parts:
  • Health & Physical Wellness
    Health Risk Assessments, health fairs, biometric screening, flu shots, smoking cessation, health and nutrition, walking programs, gym memberships

  • Mental Wellness
    Brown bag seminars can include; stress management, feeling your best, tips on controlling anger, creating a positive attitude, emotional intelligence, active listening, and motivating yourself and others.

  • Financial Wellness
    Workshops can help employees answer vital questions about their financial health; is it time for a financial “tune-up”? Are you paying yourself first? Are you living within your means? Are you saving enough to retire? Do you have a portfolio for any weather? Have you designed your financial roadmap?
LIS can help you create and maintain a successful wellness program.
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